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Outer Space Personalized Placemat for kids!

If you have a kid that loves our solar system, they will LOVE this personalized placemat!

Each mat is customized and made-to-order, printed in high-resolution bright colours and laminated with a heavy-duty coating to allow for lots of spills and wipes!

This mat is custom designed for you using FIRST name choice and covered with an almost bullet-proof 10mm laminate.

It comes DOUBLE-SIDED with our solar system and planet on the other side.

Fulfillment time: 2-3 business days


Long-lasting, wipe-able mats can be used with any washable marker, washable dry-erase, or washable crayons for endless fun! Just bring the mat to the sink & give it a couple of wipes under running water & voila!
Double sided. One side is your personalized name & on the flip side is an empty blue ocean scene for endless fun.
Durable 10mm laminate.

Measurement: 11″x17″

**PLEASE NOTE** These mats are not meant for all dry-erase markers. Some dry-erase will stick to the laminate. Please use non-toxic washable markers!

Brands that work great are:
Staedtler non-permanent Lumocolor (water-soluble)
Crayola Markers and Crayola Dry-Erase Markers
Ikea Washable Markers
Studio Washable Markers


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