Personalized Write My Name/ Math Skills Placemat


Long-lasting, wipe-able mats can be used with any washable marker, washable dry-erase, or washable crayons for endless fun!  Just bring the mat to the sink & give it a couple of wipes under running water & voila!
Double sided.
Durable 10mm laminate.
Choose from 4 different color schemes.

Measurement: 11″x17″


Write My Name
Learn to spell and practice printing first AND last name.
Practice lowercase alphabet letters.

Math Skills
Based on Grade 1-2 Canadian curriculum for math.
Adding and subtracting up to 20.
Practice equations and printing skills in the top boxes and draw sticks or balls to count in the clouds.
Ticker/ruler at the bottom is helpful for those left-brainers who don’t think as creatively and need to visualize something more sequential.

Dimensions 17 × 11 in

Blue, Brown, Yellow, Lavender

1 review for Personalized Write My Name/ Math Skills Placemat

  1. Kim McCracken Vogel

    Love the kids placemats! Great way to keep them entertained in those moments before dinner as well a good start at learning to recognize and write their name!

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